minimally-designed photographic decor


We capture unique moments in time from distinct and enticing photographic shoots from all over the world and weave them into minimal-chic micro-narratives.

Using sequences of images in arrangements of two, three, four, six or nine high-quality fine art photographs printed onto long-lasting, ready-to-hang aluminum.


Rich patterns of color, tone, concept and theme.

Combining their tangible interaction with the world through their cameras with their inspired yet pragmatic experience with design, FLUID not only captures moments of exquisite beauty from around the world into aesthetically-clever sequences, it is also a multi-dimensional expression of the meeting of fine art, photography, design and philosophy.


sequences of events and experiences.

Just as there are an infinite number of moments in time, there are endless possibilities of captured moments, and endless potential combinations and juxtapositions of those moments. Anything is possible. Creating sequences and choosing sequences is a lot like our own lives. We create and choose directions and arrangements (of location, relationships, career paths, everything), which then result in more sequences of events and experiences. Beneath the surface there is the constant dynamic of structure and play. They never stop dancing together. 

order | stability - play | chance

Structure comes from that part of ourselves that craves order and stability. At the other polarity is play, or chance (also known in Sanskrit as Lila). The potential for play is infinite. This is what we do when we get together with someone we connect creatively. With FLUID, the balance of structure and play becomes apparent through the polarities of numerical design and pattern on the one side, and adventure into the unknown on the other.


“We go out into the world and we explore. At the same time, we go deeply into ourselves, where we seek and find another dimension of reality which inspires us to realize the limitations of our dualistic dimensions. We discover a wealth of possibility of insight, understanding, beauty, awe, acceptance, wonder, calm, in every direction at all times returning to the continuous connection with our Self, and its connection to the world,” says Kathrin Hunger.