We go out into the world with our endless curiosity, passion for beauty in nature and humanity to capture exquisite moments in time.


Then we turn those moments into carefully curated sequences–
visual narratives of an aesthetic experience that we hope capture at least some of the beauty and richness of our world.


We give our sequences somewhat esoteric titles to ponder and contemplate, so although they are primarily about color, tone, shape and pattern, they also help stimulate our philosophical desires.


Our sequences are printed onto

durable white-coated aluminum


durability, affordability and lustre


No need for framing; the sequences come ready to hang.
If you would like to see a small printed sample, please contact us.

Fluid is a brilliant idea. And these artists love adventure. What more could you want in a piece of design?”
— Somebody Clever, A Beautiful Magazine


Fluid Sequences is the creation of Kat Hunger and Cherie Aarts Coley, long-time friends who live on different continents (France and the U.S. respectively, although they hail originally from East Germany and New Zealand). For the last two decades they've been connecting through a lively exchange of studies, art, work and experiences, culminating in various documentary & fine art photography projects.

By utilizing our skills as photographers, documentarists, and designers, and through applied attention to visual design and editorial content we aim to create projects that have a profound impact upon the viewer, and the world, by shining a powerful ray of collaborative love, insight, and creativity.

— Cherie and Kat



photographer | designer | writer | artist | scholar | yogini | host | mother | wife | daughter | sister | friend | kiwi

Based primarily in Brooklyn, New York, Cherie also spends time in Canada, New Zealand, Nicaragua, San Francisco and the south of France.

My formative years were spent living on the edge of the Pacific wilderness in a faraway land renowned for its mystical landscapes in epic fantasy films. I have studied fine art at the University of Auckland, creative writing at the University of Edinburgh, web design in San Francisco, yoga philosophy and asana in New York City and religious studies at the University of Otago. I now work across a number of disciplines at the intersections of photography, design, scholarship, writing, yoga, fine art, and hospitality.
— Cherie Aarts Coley


photographer | designer |  raw food gourmet | professional baker | project manager | mother of twins | yogini | quadri-lingual | friend 

Kat Hunger studied psychology and journalism in Germany, photography and design in England, indigenous culture and herbalism in Colombia and Haute Raw Cuisine in France and New York. 

“Distant travels and encounters have taught me a mixture of ways to live and work. I enjoy intertwining different techniques of art, photography, design, philosophy and practice into ongoing creative life projects.”
— Kat Hunger